Optimize maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency

When the daily operations of companies run into unforeseen equipment breakdowns or improper planning (not having the right equipment, technicians, or tools in place when needed), it can cost millions of dollars per day in lost productivity.

Improving the efficiency of maintenance processes and personnel is the surest way to turn maintenance from cost center to competitive differentiator. Infor EAM is best-in-class enterprise asset management software— purpose-built for growing maintenance organizations like yours. Infor EAM automates asset condition monitoring, incorporating innovative workflow, alert management, A.I., mobility, analytics, IoT, and drone technologies. Infor EAM consolidates all asset data into a single, integrated repository to help improve productivity—and profitability.

Infor EAM is highly configurable yet fulfills most of your needs right out of the box. Other vendors’ solutions often require costly and time- consuming customization—or else they are niche offerings, built for a narrow purpose, with little capability to grow and scale. Partnering with leading cloud service providers, Infor EAM offers:

  • A flexible deployment strategy: in the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid.
  • Reliably high uptime and the ability to scale and handle elastic demand—adding computing power as needed.
  • Predictive, preventive, and condition-based monitoring capabilities to optimize maintenance for improved asset performance and ROI.
  • Greater efficiency and convenience through Infor EAM for Mobile, which you can access on any device, screen size, or operating system.